1. Turists and pilgrims:
We like that people tell us they feel "at home"

For large and small groups, :

- auditorium 700 seats

- 25 rooms from 30 to 1000 seats each and are equipped
with video projectors, internet, and accessories.
Attached, there are rooms for workshops and private chapels.

3. Spiritual Center: a place of peace and rest  for body and mind

A jewel in the park of Veii,
in the Diocese of the Holy Father.

An ideal, peaceful, and private place for retreats.

Placed at the heart of the complex is the church,
S. Maria Madre dell’Accoglienza
that has been designed
for solemn liturgical celebrations.

2. Conference Room: for small and large groups with all the technical conveniences

- rooms with bathrooms, air conditioning and telephone
- Conference rooms
- coffe bar, TV room
- gift shop
- park, children's games and woods
- permits for buses
- parking garage
- tourist guides (in several languages)
- historical, artistic, and religious itineraries
- chapel where a priest is available